The ceramics community suffers from a lack of diverse voices.

At his keynote speech at NCECA in 2014, Theaster Gates made a clarion call for the ceramics field to be more inclusive, particularly of black artists.  While as a community we continue to make strides in becoming more inclusive, inclusion starts with representation. Instructional posters and graphics are ubiquitous in art studios and classrooms and rarely reflect the diversity of makers they are aiming to educatie or inspire. This lack of representation reinforces the stereotype that ceramics is made by - and consequently exclusive to - white artists. Black and brown kids should see themselves as artists so that they imagine themselves as creative thinkers. We believe that it is absolutely vital to promote anti-racist, inclusive, and positive cultural messages in classrooms and communities.

The Foundations of Throwing is a limited edition of 1,000 posters that are available for free to community art centers, schools, and educational programs. This project was supported in part by Tyler School of Art and individual donations. If you would like to individually donate to this project to support a further edition of posters,  please venmo us at @BetterLovers.

Photographer : Morgan Smith + Ceramist: Mbogo Mwangi

BLT foundations of throwing poster4-01.jpg

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